Sunday, February 7, 2010

Following the Rules

Having begun as someone completely unfamiliar with blogging, and really just wanting to make myself write a little, I am realizing that I have consistently broken the rules of blogging. My name is too complicated and difficult to remember and spell. I can't do anything about that now unless it is possible to close this one out and direct followers (few though they are) to another.

Second, my posts are way too long, so I'm stopping this

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Beauty

And so it came...the one thing I wanted before winter is truly over. I wanted that one winter storm that would make the trees coated and sparkly, would be beautiful, and would give me excuses to slow down and just be at home.

I'll maybe come back and add some pictures, but right now my computer wants to close Internet Explorer every time I try to link to to insert a picture. It says it is trying to protect my computer. Huh? From itself?

Anyway, I didn't get a snow day from this since it didn't start falling after midnight as predicted. It really didn't start until the afternoon. It was pretty heavy during our all-school volleyball game and then it was time to come home. Fortunately, I live very close to school; even so it was very slick. So, we didn't get a snow day out of it, but a workshop I was to attend Saturday morning was cancelled, postponed actually.

Superbowl is Sunday and as I write from Indianapolis, the Archbishop of the Diocese declared Monday a day off for Catholic Schools. We will have to make it up, but at least it is an extra day. I'm wondering about Tuesday. The snow on the ground isn't going anywhere as it is not supposed to warm up, and more snow is predicted for Monday.

Plus, the groundhog (at least the one who is supposed to be the most reliable...Punxtawhateverhisnameis) says six more weeks of winter. I wouldn't be surprised since Indiana is notorious for having either blizzards or twisters during the NCAA championships in March, BUT

It's ok..I'm ready for spring soon if anyone is listening to me.