Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My, that last sounded firm didn't it? I'm stopping this I honestly don't even remember writing it. That's how my life has been lately. February doesn't seem so long ago, although March is about over.

I guess I'll try to keep this up, but maybe it will evolve into being a little more focused, or at least more regular. Life has gotten in the way. One of the rules is not to overdo it with talking about family, but let's just say this is a very hard time of life at the moment.

I just got a little freedom meaning even my youngest child is now in college, and suddenly I am hit with helping to care for an aging parent, and not my own, but my husband's, which of course is different. I'm assured that it won't impact my life, but that isn't realistic. I can't really go into it all in a blog, and I won't...I'll save that for my prayers, which I'm doing a lot of these days.

Just is very, very difficult.

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  1. You're an angel. I totally agree that the more good you do, the more good will come back to you. So know that it will be worth it in the end!

    You are awesome and I look up to you. I have a gift certificate to go get a massage. You should come with me and it can be my mother's day present to you.