Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Arrived...Vacation Blog

Our travels from Indiana to the Gulf Coast were uneventful, meaning no car problems, no arguing (it helps to travel in two vehicles), just a normal, but long (worth it!) drive. Our condo is roomy and nice, looking out onto the beach.

After unpacking we walked on the boardwalk out to the beach. Mom and I strolled along the water's edge, already doing the "Sanibel stoop" to search for shells. Kelly, Erin, Mary and Jon donned their suits and jumped in that delicious warm water...not delicious tasting, but delicious feeling. It's warm, not cold like Lake Michigan, which is why I prefer the sea although it is salty.

It was early evening and a good time to spot dolphins, which we immediately did (Erin came to the shore line because she first thought that she imagined seeing a fin, and then she worried it was a shark rather than a dolphin). No worries of course. There were at least two of them, and they came in very close. They even jumped and played in the water a bit, splashing around.

The weather was unseasonably cool while traveling and only when we reached the Ft. Myers area and stopped for a break did we feel the typical Florida heat. It was actually quite pleasant this evening. Mom and I headed
to the grocery story for a few, vodka, tequila. It was late so we made a quick dinner of spaghetti and relaxed after two days of driving.

More to come...should I feel like it.

It is heaven.

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