Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Day Is It?

You know you are on vacation when you don't know what day it is. For that matter you often don't know and don't care what time it is either.

It is evening, it is dark. Ed just came in from the pool, sighed and said "What a great day." He got up early (I didn't) and walked on the beach. He learned that only locals can fitness walk on the beach barefoot because their feet have toughened up. He realized this when his feet started really hurting. He was getting blisters. The problem is that he had to turn around and come back...a long way back. He made it eventually and had to treat his blisters. Other than that, poor guy (the feet seem fine now), it has been a perfect day.

I was up late so I slept in a bit. The girls, Jon, and I left to see some of the island by car. We ate lunch at one of my favorite Sanibel spots, The Lazy Flamingo, where I of course had my first (and definitely not last) taste of grouper. We did a bit of shopping, returned to the condo and headed for the beach.

In the early evening the sky darkened a bit with clouds and a small (typical of Florida's gulf coast) storm moved through. The darkened sky made the water seem translucent and the color was an amazing cerulean blue. We watched from our balcony, took naps, and then returned to the beach for the sunset, shelling (it was low tide), and just strolling along an almost deserted stretch of sand. So peaceful.

After dark we moved to the pool which is as warm as a bath, finally came in, and had some pizza delivered for dinner. We are getting ready to begin our week long Skip-Bo tournament, of which I intend to be champion. Jon tells me otherwise. We'll see about that.

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