Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boob Tube

There's a reason it has been called this. Just for fun I decided to run down the channels and check out the quality of television on a Sunday night (almost Monday morning).
*Huckabee debating health care
*True crime show about an Interstate Bank Mark Robber (called IBM bandit)
*To Catch a Predator
*More how to handle health care
*Show Biz - Men Over 40 Women Love
*Discovery Health (mystery diagnosis about a woman who feels pain in her arms)
*SyFy show which looks like it is depicting the end of the world
*Someone singing and wanting to be paid some money (1-800 number across the screen)
*Uma Thurman/John Travolta movie...what's that called?
*Someone in a tank shooting at a junk car in the desert
*Ad for Payless, Ad for Resolve carpet cleaner
*Ad for pasta, Ad for Lexus
*Talk about teaching parents to turn it all off, set their child on their lap, and read to them
*Food channel show focusing on something made with lots of beans
*FX...some guy talking about a naked girl
*HGTV show about a couple refurbishing a very messy home exterior
*Drop Dead Diva (haven't watched it from start to finish but have heard a lot about it lately)
*Ruby (have seen glimpses and heard a little about it, but am not familiar with it)
*Butterfinger commercial
*Walmart Fruit of the Loom underwear commercial (get colorful underwear for the family at reduced prices)
*Country Music video
*Man wrestling a tiger
*Police catching someone with a stolen vehicle
*Guys on bike ramps
*USGA recap
*Cubs baseball recap
*Cary Grant/Sophia Loren movie
*Adult swim animated claymation type show
*Nanny rerun
*Another "trying to figure out what is medically wrong with this person" show
*Weird disfiguring disease medical show
*Some true crime thing
*What might have killed the dinosaurs - big blast theory
*Joan Rivers roast
*MASH rerun
*Mongolian wild horses
*blood and violence
*Last Holiday (Queen Latifah)
*Local high school channel
*Weather channel
*Credits for an ending show (I'd better hurry...almost midnight)
*Talk show - Chelsea Lately
*Infomercial trying to sell a book about how to get "Free Money"
*Meeting of the Metropolitan Development Commission
*Hip Hop
*Education Channel Schedule for the week
*Local news - race recap
*More credits
*Ad for a chefs academy
*Gospel Legends music infomercial
*Yogurt commercial
*Religious channel - movie of Jesus in the Garden (it's not even Easter)
*Mattress commercial
*Safe Auto commercial
*Public television trying to raise money
*ESPN baseball recap
So what do you think? An unbelievable waste of time?
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  1. I think that there are two Uma Thurman/John Travolta movies; the unseen, "Be Cool" and the incredible, "Pulp Fiction!"

    That Cary Grant/Sophia Loren movie was called "Houseboat" it was probably the worst Cary Grant movie EVER!

    Most of the time while we lived in Indiana - Debbie and I did not even own a TV... that will explain why my boys ran around quoting old Jack Benny radio programs!

  2. You were wise Marty!

    The only thing here worth was the talk show about turning off the television and reading to your child...of course, the parent had to turn ON the television to hear that.

    I think it was Pulp Fiction, and Houseboat. I don't think I've seen Pulp Fiction all the way through, and the only thing I remember about Houseboat was that at that time Cary Grant was madly in love with his leading lady, but she was marrying or already married to Carlo Ponti. Not a good movie, but you had to feel sorry for Cary Grant in the wedding scene at the end.

  3. I hope you're not suggesting that MASH reruns aren't worth watching. Unless it's that dopey episode where they have to exorcise the camp because Radar moved some creepy pole, MASH is ALWAYS worth watching.

    You know what my favorite MASH episode is? It's the one where Hawkeye gets insufferably self-righteous because he hates the war so much. Remember that one?