Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Yard Decorations after you read this, if you are mad at me, please don't be...but then I guess if I am going to blog, I have to not worry so much about that.

For some reason I really dislike the recently popular (by recently I mean the past few years) yard decorations that consist of a blown up figure...a football player, a giant Santa, a Thanksgiving turkey, etc. I don't know why, but they strike me as cheap imitations of real holiday decorating...the kind that requires dad to climb a ladder and hang lights (hopefully not staple holes in their house the way Chevy Chase did in Christmas Vacation, one of my favorite holiday comedy movies).

I'm not such a scrooge that I think they should be outlawed or something. If I had young children now, I'd probably put one in my yard too. They are in my neighborhood where there are small children or day cares. I'm not going to go by and shoot a bebe gun at them or anything.

I also worry about the environment. Are they recyclable when they no longer work? Or are there landfills out there full of deflated Santas, Frosty the Snowmen, turkeys, Halloween pumpkins, and numerous pro football team players or mascots?

I think it comes from having been born in the 50's and coming of age in the 60's. It's about making memories. One of the best holiday memories I have is my dad hanging lights on the frame of our house and on the bushes. You know, come to think of it we did have these stand up plastic (but hard plastic not the blow ups) lanterns that would light up when you plugged them in.

Oh never mind..


  1. Your brother has finally checked out your blog. I have some questions for you, i've been tempted to start one. It would probably focus on political/social issues..........I know, i know, im asking for lost of controversy, but im so frustrated right now about the country i live in.....but i digress.....i loved the memory you shared about our house at Christmas, i remember those bushes having lights on them. It seems to me that dad even used to put lights along the roof, even on the alley side.....did he do that? or am i imagining that, thats quite high. Also, i agree with you on the blow up things, we bought one a couple of years ago, a snowman, and somehow, i felt it looked stupid, probably wont buy one again.

  2. Yes, he did put lights way up there on the alley side. I don't know how in the world he did it..I don't remember now...probably by being up on the roof...scares me to think of it.